Moving Qualifying Life Event

Welcome to the neighborhood, and welcome to your new health plan. Whether you're moving from across the state or around the world, we can help you find the perfect amount of coverage to make you feel right at home.

When can you apply for coverage?

Special enrollment

If you had a qualifying event, you may be eligible for special enrollment. This is your chance to change your current plan or buy a new one for the current year. Special enrollment can occur during or after open enrollment.

Application deadlines

You must apply within 60 days of the day your coverage ends. This means you can apply up to 60 days before your coverage ends, and up to 60 days after it ends.

What do you need to apply?

Proof of prior coverage

  • A document showing prior qualifying health coverage within the last 60 days

Required documentation

You will need one of the following:

  • A lease or rental agreement, a mortgage deed, a moving company contract or receipt, or a letter if you're living in another person's home >
  • A letter from another resident of the same state proving homeless or transitional housing status>
  • Mail from the Secretary of State, a financial institution, a government agency or a local nonprofit social services provider >
  • A Postal Service change of address form, a voter registration card, a pay stub with a residential address or a letter from your current or future employer>
  • A state ID, a green card, an education certificate, a visa or official school documentation >
  • A homeowner’s, renter’s or life insurance policy or statement

ID and method of payment

  • A social security number or tax ID number, and the date of birth for everyone who'll be covered by the plan
  • A credit card if you want to make your first payment

Enroll now


Our health plan advisors and agents can help you find and apply for the right plan to meet your needs and budget. They will also help you find out if you're eligible for a subsidy that lowers the cost of your plan.

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