Conditions covered by workers’ compensation or similar law; services or supplies not specifically listed as covered under your benefit plan; services received before your effective date or after coverage ends; services you wouldn’t have to pay for if you did not have this coverage; services or supplies that are not medically necessary; physical exams for insurance, employment, sports or school; any amounts in excess of BCN’s approved amount; cosmetic surgery, admissions and hospitalizations; dental care, dental implants or treatment to the teeth except as specifically stated in your benefit plan; hearing aids; infertility-related drugs; private duty nursing; telephone, fax machine or any other type of electronic consultation; educational services, except as specifically provided or arranged by BCN or specifically stated in your benefit plan; care or treatment furnished in a nonparticipating hospital, except as specifically stated in your benefit plan; personal comfort items; custodial care; services or supplies supplied to any person not covered under your benefit plan; services while confined in a hospital or other facility owned or operated by state or federal government, unless required by law; voluntary abortions or vasectomy reversals; RK, PRRK, or Lasik; services provided by a professional provider to a family member; services provided by any person who ordinarily resides in the covered person’s home or who is a family member; any drug, medicine or device that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, unless required by law; vitamins, dietary products and any other nonprescription supplements except as specifically stated in your benefit plan; dental services, except for dental injury; appliances, supplies or services as a result of war or any act of war, whether declared or not; communication or travel time, lodging or transportation, except as stated in your benefit plan; foot care services, except as stated in your benefit plan; health clubs or health spas, aerobic and strength conditioning, work-hardening programs and related material and products for these programs; hair prosthesis, hair transplants or implants; experimental treatments, except as stated in your benefit plan; and alternative medicines or therapies.

This document is intended to be an easy-to-read summary. It is not a contract. Additional limitations and exclusions may apply to covered services. A complete description of benefits is contained in the applicable Blue Care Network certificate and riders. In the event of a conflict between this document and the applicable certificate and riders, the certificate and riders will rule. Payment amounts are based on the BCN-approved amount, less any applicable deductible, copay and/or coinsurance amounts required by the plan. This coverage is provided pursuant to a contract entered into in the state of Michigan and shall be construed under the jurisdiction and according to the laws of the state of Michigan.