The healthy choices you make before and during pregnancy can have a lasting impact on you and your unborn child.

We recommend that you visit your doctor as soon as you suspect you're pregnant. Experts say healthy pregnancy outcomes are linked to early prenatal care.

During prenatal visits, your doctor can give you advice about diet, vitamins, exercise, and other issues that may affect you and your baby. These visits also help prevent or treat pregnancy-related complications. During the postpartum visit, your doctor can ensure that you’re well on the road to recovery after giving birth.

For normal pregnancies without significant complications, prenatal exams are usually scheduled as follows:

Prenatal exam schedule
Pregnancy Stage How often
First prenatal visit When you first suspect you're pregnant
Weeks 14 - 30 Every four weeks
Weeks 30 - 36 Every two weeks
Weeks 36 - 40 Every week
Weeks 40+ Once or twice a week
Postpartum (after delivery) 21 - 56 days after delivery

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