Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has tools for good dental health.

We've all heard it before: brush your teeth, floss and go to the dentist.

Good advice for a nice smile and fewer cavities. But regular dental care can do much more than that. It can help detect diabetes, heart disease and even babies at risk for low birth weight.

Want to learn more about the connection between your teeth, gums and health? Along with that dentist appointment, schedule a visit to Blue Dental Connection. It's our one-stop, online resource available at no additional cost to our members.

Your Dental Wellness Center

Blue Dental Connection is your Dental Wellness Center, where you'll find help and easy-to-use tools 24 hours a day. You can:

  • Find a dentist.
  • Get estimates by ZIP code for how much dental procedures will cost with Dental Cost Advisor.
  • Ask a dentist questions about dental health.
  • Take an assessment to see if you have risk factors for dental problems.
  • Learn about all aspects of dental health, from gum disease to sealants.
  • Get definitions for dental terms with our interactive dictionary.
  • Watch animations of dental treatments and procedures to see how they work.