Women's health

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If you need information on women's health services that your plan covers, this information can help.

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Tip: To find out more about what your specific plan covers, log in to your account at bcbsm.com. Go to My Coverage to see the details of each type of care.

Birth control and contraceptives

If your get your contraceptive from an in-network provider, it must be covered without a copay or coinsurance.


Contraceptive devices and injections are covered 100%

Pregnancy, childbirth and maternity care

Care after delivery is preventive

If you purchased your plan on Healthcare.gov, you have Medicaid coverage or your private insurance is a qualified health plan, your plan must cover pregnancy and childbirth. 

ACA: Pre-existing conditions, including pregnancy, are covered by your health plan. If your coverage starts after your pregnancy, you'll still be covered.


Well-baby and child care visits

Prenatal care visits: 100%

Postnatal care: 80% after deductible

Delivery and nursery care: 80% after deductible


$30 copay for postnatal maternity visits. Prenatal visits are covered in full.

20% coinsurance after deductible for newborn care in an inpatient setting



Our Woman’s Choice Program allows you to get a mammogram without a referral from your primary care physician.

You don’t need to select a Woman’s Choice physician when you enroll. Simply visit a Blue Care Network-affiliated or mammography center for your routine care such as Pap tests or mammograms.

Use our Find a Doctor tool to find a physician in your area. When it asks you what you're looking for, search mammography center.  

Pregnancy Termination


Elective abortions: 80% after deductible


Elective abortion: 50% coinsurance after deductible for first trimester. Limited to one procedure per 24 month period.


Fertility: HMO - 50% coinsurance after deductible for infertility services. Requires prior authorization by bcn. In-vitro fertilization is not covered.

Sterilization: PPO covers 100% voluntary sterilization for females

Osteoperosis screening

Cervical cancer screening and pap tests

Annual gynecology exam - 100% covered under preventive services