For applied behavior analysis

Before beginning ABA, you should ask:

Is an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis from an Approved Autism Evaluation Center, or AAEC required? If yes:

If you have concerns about getting a diagnosis from an AAEC, contact one of the following based on your coverage.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan New Directions: 1-877-563-9347
  • Blue Care Network behavioral health: 1-800-482-5982

Who can provide ABA?

  • In most cases, the provider must be a Licensed Behavior Analyst, or LBA, or a fully licensed psychologist. Find a doctor.

Is preauthorization from your plan required before starting services?

  • All Blue Care Network HMO plans require preauthorization
  • Some Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PPO plans require preauthorization, but not all; be sure to check your autism coverage

When preauthorization is required, the analyst or psychologist usually contacts us to get it.

For all other services, including physical, speech and occupational therapy and nutritional counseling

Before getting services, you should ask:

  • Is an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis required?
  • Does your plan require preauthorization?
  • Will your plan help pay for a therapist who doesn’t take Blue Cross?

If you have questions about any plan requirements or need help:

  • Members who get insurance through an employer: Talk to your HR department or whoever handles your benefits
  • Or, call the mental health preauthorization number on the back of your Blue Cross ID card; it may be called something different, like behavioral or mental health