For all Blue Care Network members

We encourage all our members who want to quit tobacco to enroll in Tobacco Cessation Coaching. It’s available at no extra cost.

If you're ready to set a quit date within 30 days, call 1-855-326-5102.

Note that if you have prescription drug benefits, you're eligible for tobacco-cessation aids. These include over-the-counter nicotine replacement products, such as gum, patches or lozenges. Your prescription drug copayment applies.

For Healthy Blue Living℠ plan members

Tobacco use is one of the six health areas we measure in our Healthy Blue Living plan.

To earn enhanced benefits, you (and your covered spouse if they also use tobacco) need to enroll and actively participate in Tobacco Cessation Coaching.

If you're not ready to set a quit date within 30 days, you're required to enroll in Lifestyle Coaching, powered by WebMD®.
Call 1-855-326-5102 to get started in Tobacco Cessation Coaching or Lifestyle Coaching.

It's important you enroll within 120 days of the start of your plan year. Otherwise, you'll be placed at the standard benefit level.

You’ll have to participate in the program until you quit using tobacco. Your primary care physician will test you for tobacco use. If you test positive, you’ll need to be tested annually.

To confirm that you've stopped using tobacco, please send us a new qualification form signed by your doctor. You may submit the updated form at any time during the plan year. When we receive the updated form, you'll no longer need to participate in Tobacco Cessation Coaching or Lifestyle Coaching.