Court-ordered coverage, like a child support order—you need one of these:

  • Court order that shows the effective date
  • Medical support order
  • Foster care papers dated and signed by a court official

Death of policyholder—you need both of these:

  • Death certificate or public notice of death, and
  • Proof of prior qualifying health coverage within the last 60 days

Discharged from military—you need one of these:

  • Dated copy of your military discharge papers, or
  • Certificate of Release that shows the coverage end date

Divorce or legal separation—you need both of these:

  • Divorce or annulment papers that show the ending of health care responsibility, and
  • Proof of prior qualifying health coverage within the last 60 days

Loss of government coverage

If you were on Medicaid, you need one of these:

  • Documentation from Michigan Department of Health and Human Services indicating the reason for loss and when coverage ended or will end  
  • Letter from Medicaid or Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) stating when coverage ended or will end

For other programs like Medicare, TRICARE, AmeriCorps or Peace Corps, you’ll need a letter or notice that shows the coverage end date.

Released from prison:

  • Document from the Department of Corrections, jail or prison that shows your order of parole, order of release, or an address certification

Student coverage ended:

  • Letter from college or university showing the coverage end date

Events related to the Marketplace

You’ll need documentation from the Health Insurance Marketplace or state-based exchange showing determination of eligibility and date for the following:

  • Newly eligible for Premium Tax Credit
  • Materials violation of the plan contract
  • Unintentional, inadvertent or erroneous enrollment