You can get your groceries, your favorite restaurant take-out and the latest tech gadgets delivered to your front door. Why not your medicine? Let Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network make it easier to get the prescription medicine you take regularly.

Most members’ prescription drug plans cover their medicine that’s ordered for home delivery. It’s convenient, safe, and it may save you money.

If you have a chronic health condition, like diabetes or high blood pressure, you likely have medicine you take every day. You can get those medications in larger 90-day supplies delivered to your home with free standard shipping. And your cost is usually less than three one-month copayments at your nearest pharmacy store.

Home delivery makes it faster and easier to refill your prescriptions on time, so you can continue taking your medicine as your doctor prescribed. That helps you stay healthier.

Our home delivery pharmacy, OptumRx, is staffed by registered pharmacists and trained technicians. They take the same safety precautions and provide the same medication information as your pharmacy store. And they can answer your questions by phone 24/7.

To get started, log in to your online member account at or the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan mobile app. Click on “My Coverage,” “Prescription” and then “Order online.” Your doctor can also send a new prescription electronically to OptumRx. Or you can call the OptumRx pharmacy.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PPO members: 1-855-811-2223

Blue Care Network HMO members: 1-844-642-9087

You can easily set up home delivery in a matter of minutes to start enjoying the savings and convenience of having your medicine delivered to your door. Check out your online member account for more information.