Within the first 90 days of your plan year

Complete these two steps:

  • Take a health assessment by logging in to your member account on our website or using the Blue Cross mobile app
  • See your doctor for a Blue Care Network Qualification Form visit, and have him or her electronically submit your qualification form.

Within the first 120 days of your plan year—if necessary

What you need to do next depends on your qualification form results:

  • If your qualification form shows you use tobacco, you’ll need to enroll and participate in BCN's tobacco cessation coaching program
  • If your qualification form shows your body mass index is 30 or more, enroll and participate in a BCN-sponsored weight management program

For details about the weight management requirement, read the Healthy Blue Living Weight Management Guide (PDF). If you've enrolled in the WW program, you can fill out our proof of attendance form (PDF).

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