Hello and welcome to the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan mobile app. This video will help you select a primary care physician, also referred to as a PCP, from your mobile device. You can also select a PCP at bcbsm.com.

To begin, you must log in to your mobile app. Once logged in, tap Find a Doctor. Then, tap My Primary Care Physician at the top. The next screen will show everyone on your plan and if they have selected a Primary Care Physician.

To change or select a PCP, tap the desired person’s name. This screen tells you if you need a PCP or who your current one is. It also shows who your past ones have been. Once you’ve decided who you’re selecting a doctor for, you can get started. Your plan type, location, and the PCP selection filter will all be prepopulated on this screen. All you need to do is select the distance you are willing to travel and tap Search.

Once you’ve entered the distance you are willing to travel, you can scroll down to see all your options that meet your criteria. You can tap sort or filter to narrow your results. When you find one you’d like to select, tap on the name to start the selection process. It will ask your reasoning for changing.

Once you select one of the reasons, press Change PCP, which officially changes your PCP. This is the last page you’ll see in this section. It validates that you have successfully changed your PCP. Click the X in the upper right corner to close this section. To refresh the page, just pull down on the screen. Thank you for watching the selecting a PCP how-to video. Keep an eye out for the next installment in this how-to series.