These kinds of HRAs are only available if your employer offers, and you enroll in, a PPO plan:

  • Post-deductible HRA: You must meet your plan’s deductible before the HRA will cover your qualified expenses
  • Limited purpose HRA: Only pays for dental and vision expenses

When you have a PPO plan, your employer may offer other health spending accounts that you can have at the same time as an HRA. They are:

  • An HSA with a limited purpose and post-deductible HRAs 
  • Health FSA, or flexible spending account with any HRA

Why have two health spending accounts?

  • If you think the HRA won’t cover all your expenses, you can put money in and use the other account; you’ll save on taxes, too
  • If your employer decides the HRA can’t be used for some things, you can use the FSA or HSA
  • You can use the HRA for expenses now and use your HSA to save for future expenses