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Who is this for?

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If you want to get an idea of the taxes and fees that are included in your bill, this tool can help.

The estimator gives you an estimate of the taxes and fees that are included in your bill. For more information about those taxes and fees, have a look at the Health Insurance Taxes and Fees FAQ for Individuals

These federal and state taxes and fees don't apply to Medigap plans.

Who can use this tool?

The estimator will be helpful for individuals and families that buy their own health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan or Blue Care Network.

How do I use it? 

  1. Select your insurance company. If you have insurance through both, use the estimator once for each account. Estimates for taxes and fees are different for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network.
  2. Select a year. You can get an estimate using your bill from the previous year, but you'll get the best results using this year's information or quote. The taxes and fees will be part of your monthly premium payment. You'll see them calculated and added to your premium on your bill.
  3. Where it says "Total Monthly Premium," enter the "Current Charges" amount from your bill or the total monthly premium from your quote.

Tip: You can get helpful information while using the estimator. When you see a black circle with a question mark on it, just click.

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