Traditional A80 Vision Network

Are you part of the Traditional A80 Vision Network and aren’t sure how to find a vision doctor in your area? We’ve made it easy for you.

  1. Go to Find a doctor.
  2. Select "Get Started."
  3. Under "Choose a Health Plan," select "Employer Group Plans."
  4. Then scroll down to select "Traditional Plans (excludes Auto Active and Retirees)/Traditional." 
  5. In the box to the right, type "Optometry," "Optometrist," "Ophthalmology" or "Ophthalmologist."
  6. Enter the city/area you are searching in.
  7. Select "Search."

Have an online account?

If you log in to use our Find a Doctor tool, your location and plan type will already be there. Once you're logged in, go to Doctors and Hospitals at the top, then choose Find a Doctor or Hospital to get started.

That’s pretty easy right? If you still have questions you can call the Customer Service number on the back of your ID card.