Rights and Responsibilities

For members of Blue Care Network's chronic condition management programs

What is this about?

This information lets you know all the rights and responsibilities you have as a member of Blue Care Network's chronic condition management programs, including what you can expect from us and what you can do as a member.

As a member in our programs you have rights and responsibilities. A right is what you can expect from us. A responsibility is what we can expect from you.

You have the right to:

  • Quit the program at any time by calling Disease Management
  • Get the name of the program manager so you can get more information, ask questions or ask for a change in the way the program works
  • Talk to your doctor or to us about the care you should get. 
  • Get information you can understand
  • Get information about our programs and services, staff qualifications and contracts
  • Work with us to help make your health care decisions
  • Tell us about any problems or complaints you have using our grievance program
  • Be treated with respect
  • Ask us to act as your patient advocate
  • Know that we respect your health care privacy and we follow state and federal privacy rules

You have the responsibility to:

  • Tell us if you don’t want to be in our program
  • Follow your doctor’s advice about your care
  • Talk with your doctor honestly about your health so you can be cared for in the right way

We do not advertise, market or promote specific products or services to members or doctors when discussing your health problems with you or your doctor or in any of our program materials. We do not have any financial ownership arrangements with other entities engaged in advertising, marketing or providing goods and services.