Our PPO network contracts with all hospitals in Michigan, including acute care and specialty hospitals. It has a large network of providers and hospitals within Michigan and also includes nationwide coverage.

We monitor and update our providers every year. That way, we can ensure that our members have access to their doctors within a reasonable distance.

Regardless of the type of area they live in, at least 90 percent of our member population has to have access to a certain number of doctors within a certain distance from their home.

These are our access requirements:

Primary Care

At least two primary doctors within:

  • Five miles from home in urban areas
  • Eight miles from home in suburban areas
  • 15 miles from home in rural areas


At least one specialist within:

  • 10 miles from home in urban and suburban areas
  • 35 miles from home in rural areas  


  • At least one PPO hospital within 30 miles from home in all areas.