We make sure that members have access to care within a reasonable distance to their home. We use standards that include travel time or distance.

We regularly monitor access to primary care providers, specialists, ancillary providers and facilities. If necessary, additional providers that meet our credentialing and network requirements may be added. This is how we make sure members have proper access to care.

At least 90 percent of our member population has to have access to a certain number of providers within a certain travel time or distance from their home, no matter where they live. The standard varies by specialty and type of area.  For example, in a large metro area, members must have at least one primary care provider within 10 minutes or five miles from their home. In a rural area, the access standard for PCPs is 40 minutes or 30 miles.

Read about our access standards (PDF) for primary care providers, specialists and hospitals in each area type.