Community Partnerships

How are we investing in your community?

You may already know that we give grants to keep free health clinics operating, and to elementary schools to help fight childhood obesity.

But we think one of the best ways to build healthy communities is to build relationships with you, face-to-face. You’ll find us in communities across the state on a regular basis, working to improve the health of Michigan residents. Here are some examples.

Blues Community Challenge

Think you're up to the challenge? These communities were.
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Let's Talk Health

We encourage dialogue about a tough topic: inequalities in health care.
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Man Up! For Better Health

Real men go to the doctor to get checked for prostate cancer.
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Project FIT

Parents and kids learn how to fit healthy eating and exercise into their life.
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Farmers Market Community Health Walks and Dome Walk

We help communities take steps to better health.
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Community Advisory Councils

To really understand a community’s health care needs, we want to hear from those who live and work in it.

That’s why we have nine advisory councils around the state. Members come from the community, business, health care, human services, senior care, government and education.