We’re very excited when we launched this program. It has grown every year and it's always so special when the diverse suppliers come and compete. And this is something that they really work for every year, and to see how we have moved through our culture, in building the culture and having the right tone at the top and spreading that through the company and as the company has changed with different subsidiaries and others to see how that has grown and been adapted has been really exciting.

The program has definitely expanded and grown and that it's only possible because of a strong commitment from our staff, our leaders and our board of directors.

Supplier diversity is a wonderful and strong leading component of our entire Diversity and Inclusion program here. As we see what's happening in the industry around us we have to be aware and we have to be able to respond quickly to that which is happening and we have to have the tools, and the techniques, the capabilities in order to continue to lead in the sector, and it's with our partners that we're going to be able to build that capability and do that.

I think that getting involved with diverse suppliers is really helpful for not only the organization for but for our program as well. It gives us an opportunity to give back to the community and then bring in cost savings in regards to using a smaller supplier base.

They are actually a company that is concerned about diversity within its ranks and they decide to give something out to the other diverse companies. And I think the fact that Blue Cross has decided that they want to do something in terms of diversity is very, very important.