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Native Americans Provisions on the Exchange

Dec. 15, 2011

The Affordable Care Act includes provisions aimed to help improve health care for Native Americans across the country. The Affordable Care Act and Exchange proposed regulations provide some special arrangements for Native Americans, including the following:

Exemption from individual mandate penalty

Native Americans are exempt from the individual mandate penalty for failure to comply with the shared responsibility requirement to maintain minimum essential coverage. The Exchange must verify Native American status and must certify Native Americans as qualifying for the individual mandate exemption.

Special enrollment period

A Native American may enroll in a qualified health plan or change from one QHP to another one time per month.

Tribes and organizations

The Exchange may permit Indian tribes, tribal organizations and urban Indian organizations to pay QHP premiums on behalf of qualified individuals, subject to terms and conditions determined by the Exchange. Each Exchange must consult regularly, on an ongoing basis with federally recognized tribes located within the Exchange's geographic area. Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and urban Indian organizations may be eligible to serve as navigators.

Cost-sharing subsidies

The Affordable Care Act and Exchange proposed regulations specify that a QHP issuer may not impose any cost sharing on a Native American who has household income at or below 300 percent of the federal poverty level and is enrolled in a QHP on the individual market Exchange at any metal level of coverage. HHS will pay the QHP issuer the amount necessary to reflect the required increase in actuarial value.

Special cost-sharing rule regardless of income

If a Native American is enrolled in a QHP, a QHP may not impose any cost-sharing for services provided by the Indian Health Service directly, an Indian tribe, tribal organization, urban Indian organization or through referral for contract health services. This provision applies regardless of the individual's income or metal level of coverage. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan will continue to monitor the provisions and will update as needed. 

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