Our Position on Reform

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is prepared for health care reform.

Passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010, marked an historic occasion for our country with implications for nearly every American. This monumental legislation is fundamentally changing how health care is financed, delivered and regulated for years to come.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is well prepared to act in the best interest of its customers, members and the State of Michigan, as we already act much as Congress now requires other insurers to act.

  • We take anyone, regardless of health status.
  • We community rate our health coverage for individuals, which means we ask for the same premium regardless of the individual's health condition.
  • As a nonprofit insurer, we do not make money on health care, averaging just one-tenth of one percent margin over the last 20 years.
  • We work cooperatively with doctors and hospitals to reduce cost and improve quality of care, and these partnerships have saved hundreds of millions of dollars and many lives in the process.

These are endeavors we've long embraced and we will continue to do so. It's simply the right thing to do, regardless of legislation from Washington, D.C.

Passage of legislation didn't mark the end of the process to reform health care. It was just the beginning. As Americans will be required to obtain coverage, we will experience tremendous growth in the individual insurance market. Expansion of coverage also comes with challenges that will require innovative approaches and an unending pursuit of continuous improvement to stave off increased costs. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has been pursuing these efforts for many years, and our continued efforts in a post-reform world will no doubt prove valuable.

There is much work to be done in the next few months and years as reforms phase in over time. We welcome the opportunity to compete on a more level playing field where other insurers will no longer be able to cherry pick the young and healthy. We welcome the opportunity to advance new products that put more focus and value on personal accountability by incentivizing members to better manage and improve their health.

As reform takes further shape, rest assured that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is, and always has been, committed to providing high-quality, affordable health care coverage to Michigan. This is the long-standing mission we embrace.