For 90 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies have been focused on bringing high quality, affordable health care to every American. Everywhere.

Today, no national network is larger. And no local network is stronger. With the vision and commitment to create your best solutions. And shape a better future.

Together, we’re turning the what ifs into the right nows.

Using the strength of our local relationships, the power of our unmatched data and the depth of our expertise to hold health care to higher standards.

To improve the quality and lower the total cost of care in every community your employees call home.

We’re championing value over volume, guiding your employees to higher-performing providers and tailoring network and benefit solutions that work harder for you.

By personalizing engagement strategies based on your employees’ needs, we can empower everyone in your organization to make healthier choices.

Together, we’re driving innovation and developing solutions to address health care’s most pressing problems—to truly change the system.

For our customers. Our companies. And for the health of America. All while protecting your bottom line. This is how we make health care work smarter, better. By working together.