Our Total Health Philosophy

Our total health philosophy helps you build trust and improve health care quality.

Looking for the right health insurance plan can be challenging. Like many businesses across the state of Michigan, your company is probably balancing its financial needs with the interests of your employees and their health care.

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, we have an approach to health care that gives higher quality care, lowers costs and addresses your most challenging issues.

We call it Total Health Engagement. It’s a philosophy that focuses on innovative health insurance plan design, better ways of providing care and dedicated health support. We think this model:

  • Builds on the trusted relationship between patients and their doctors
  • Rewards doctors for caring about health, not units of service
  • Improves health care quality, cost efficiency and outcomes
  • Aligns health care plans and programs to people’s needs

Plans for healthy employees, healthy budgets

We offer health insurance plans that reward healthy living by offering lower premiums and deductibles. When your employees take part in healthy activities or reach and maintain a health goal, they can get financial perks.

It’s all designed to give your employees the flexible health plans they’ll need to keep an eye on their health and their budget.

Total health is our goal

We build strong relationships between employees and their health care professionals. We strive to deliver the highest-quality care. And we support our customers in their quest for healthy lives.

It’s all part of our total health philosophy. It’s how we offer the best health care resources to meet your company’s needs.

Quality care, managing costs

You may know that we give your employees access to the largest network of doctors and hospitals in Michigan. But did you know that we have programs that help doctors and hospitals manage costs while improving the quality of care for your employees?

Our collaborative Value Partnerships are one way we work to achieve better patient care and lower benefit costs for companies. We do that by rewarding doctors and health care professionals who:

  • Use care methods proven to get positive results
  • Coordinate their patients’ total care with a health care team
  • Help patients manage chronic conditions and make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Give the best level of care at the lowest possible cost

We support healthy choices

We believe that giving employees the right information helps them stay healthy. So we provide easy access to wellness and care management tools. They help your employees understand what good health looks like and how they can achieve it.

  • Blue Cross® Health & Wellness is our health and wellness resource for members. It includes online resources, such as a health assessment, Digital Health Assistant programs, health information and tools. It also includes health improvement programs, such as complex chronic condition management and case management. Log in to Group Secured Services at bcbsm.com to try it.

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