Plan type HMO
Eligibility Employer group plan
Deductible Multiple options
Coinsurance Multiple options
Included coverage Preventive care covered at 100 percent.
Unique benefits
  • Plan pairs with a health reimbursement arrangement.


Blue Care Network’s Healthy Blue HMO HRA combines a group deductible health insurance plan with an employer-funded health reimbursement arrangement. It lets employees use pretax dollars to pay for health care expenses. Here are the advantages of the plan:

  • Multiple deductible options to choose from.
  • Tax-free funding options for your company.
  • Your company funds and owns the HRA bank account.
  • Offers the convenience of working with your regular financial institution.
  • You determine whether the HRA covers medical deductible, coinsurance or both.
  • You get weekly and monthly reports on account activity.
  • Pay-as-you-go HRA funding.
  • Medical and HRA claims are seamlessly integrated for processing.
  • There are no start-up or administrative fees.
  • Charges are paid directly to the doctors or hospitals, eliminating reimbursement hassles.