Plan type HMO
Eligibility Group retirees over age 65
Deductible Multiple options
Coinsurance Multiple options
Copays Multiple options
Included coverage Option to add Part D prescription drug coverage or choose one of our prescription drug plans.
Unique benefits
  • This plan replaces Medicare coverage with comprehensive HMO coverage.


With BCN Advantage, your retirees’ care will be coordinated by their primary care physicians. They’ll provide routine and preventive health care services and refer them to specialists when needed.

Thousands of Michigan retirees have enrolled in BCN Advantage through their companies. Those businesses are saving costs while offering their retirees outstanding health care coverage.

Here are some of the benefits BCN Advantage can have for your company:

  • Large provider network: Your retirees get access to our large network of doctors, specialists and hospitals. BCN Advantage members who travel outside of Michigan but within the U.S. have access to both routine and follow-up care. And when they travel, the Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® name goes with them. It provides urgent and emergency care across the nation and around the world.
    For more information about our provider network, please visit our BCN Advantage member site.
  • Fewer hassles for your retirees: BCN Advantage combines everything under a single plan: one claim, one ID card and one customer service department.
  • A smooth transition: We’ll make your retirees’ move to BCN Advantage an easy one. We’ll answer questions so you won’t have to. We also can coordinate Medicare educational meetings for retirees and assist you throughout the setup process.
  • Support for your retirees: BCN Advantage members have telephone and face-to-face access to our customer service representatives. They’ll make sure your retirees get the information and resources they need to understand and use their plan.

Plan service area:

Our service area includes 42 Michigan counties.

Download a service area map (PDF)

Please note that members enrolled through an employer group do not have to live in the BCN Advantage service area. In addition, group members can get services from BCN Advantage-contracted doctors and health care professionals throughout the Lower Peninsula.