Preferred Rx

Interested in our prescription plans?

If you’d like to know more about out how our prescription drug plans can work for your company, please call 1-866-582-5052 or Blue Cross sales representative contact one of our regional sales offices.

Preferred Rx is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s pharmacy PPO and our most cost-effective prescription drug program. With Preferred Rx, your employees get easy access to more than 95 percent of pharmacies in Michigan, including all major chains and more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Preferred Rx has very competitive discounts on brand-name drugs. It also features our Maximum Allowable Cost program for generic drugs. Members pay only a copayment, if required, when they use Preferred Rx network pharmacies.

We also offer Blue Advantage RxSM at no cost to employers. With this plan, employees simply show their Blue Cross ID card to buy eligible drugs and supplies from network pharmacies at reduced rates.

Budget-friendly designs

To control costs, all our plans have a tiered design that focuses on using generic drugs. That way, we can:

  • Save you money when some of the most popular brand-name medications expire and go generic.
  • Help your employees manage costs by offering them lower copayments when they use generics.
  • Control rising prescription drug costs.

And since every business has its own unique needs, we design plans that are cost-effective for your company without limiting benefits. Our plans have cost-management features like:

  • Flexible copayment options for employees.
  • Price discounts and reimbursement levels well below average wholesale prices.
  • A drug list that helps doctors find cost-effective prescriptions for employees.
  • Drug reviews to find potential savings and inappropriate use or abuse.
  • Programs to encourage using safer, cost-effective drugs before more expensive, riskier ones.
  • Pharmacy access to our drug database so they can instantly see an employee’s benefit and drug interaction information before filling a prescription.
  • A 90-day retail and mail order program that gives customers a 90-day drug supply for a copay equal to two, 30-day supplies.