Our prescription drug plans have always had the same advantages as our medical plans: network and cost savings.

  • Get prescriptions filled at almost any pharmacy in Michigan, and in thousands around the country
  • Order prescriptions conveniently by mail
  • Save with low copays for generics
  • Buy a 90-day supply and qualify for some discounts on copays

There can be a huge difference in the cost of medications. A single pill of a brand-name drug might be $5. The same pill as a generic can be 10 cents. So targeting prescription drugs for savings is an effective way to control the costs of health care for everyone. Our prescription drug plans for small groups:

  • Promote generics and follow proven practices that manage the expense of prescription drugs.
  • Offer five- and six-tier copay plans to keep costs down for you and your employees.
  • Has a Custom Select Drug List that includes medically-necessary generics, brand-name drugs and specialty medications.

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