VSP Signature Plan®

  • This plan is available to both small-business and large-group customers.
  • It’s a premier, full-service vision plan, with frames and lenses covered at 100 percent.
  • Cost-controlled lens options can save your company 35 to 40 percent.
  • Employees can get comprehensive care through VSP, the nation’s largest vision care network, with 27,000 doctors and 41,000 locations.
  • This plan has customizable copayments and the option to add coverage for lens enhancements and extras.
  • Offers retail allowances for contact lenses and frames in addition to discounts.


Customizable copayments


WellVision Exam® (eye exam)

Covered 100 percent

Lens and frame frequency options


Basic lenses (glass or plastic)
(single vision, lined bifocal, lined trifocal)

Covered 100 percent

Cost-controlled lens options

Average of 35 to 40 percent off usual, customary and reasonable charge1

Option to add coverage for lens enhancements and extras (lens options)


Contact lenses

15 percent off contact lens services2; $130 allowance instead of glasses.


$130 retail allowance; 20 percent off amount over the allowance.

Option to add coverage for materials, like glasses and contacts


Discounts on additional pairs of prescription and nonprescription glasses, including sunglasses

30 percent off3 usual, customary and reasonable charge.1

Diabetes exam reminder; customers with diabetes sent reminder 14 months after last eye exam


Laser VisionCare℠ program with discounts on LASIK, custom LASIK4 and PRK, plus patient education

Average of 15 to 20 percent off or 5 percent off promotional offer.

1 Usual, customary and reasonable charge, or the average amount a facility charges a person with no insurance.

2 Customers can find information about contact lens discounts at vsp.com under Rebates & Special Offers.

3 The 30-percent discount applies to glasses purchased the same day as the customer’s eye exam from the same VSP provider who gave the exam. Customers will also get 20 percent off unlimited additional pairs of glasses through any VSP facility within 12 months of the last covered eye exam.

4 Using wavefront technology with the microkeratome surgical device only. Other LASIK procedures may be an additional cost for the customer. Laser VisionCare discounts are only available form facilities that have a contract with VSP.