Blue Dental Connection features online tools and other resources for dental wellness.

Research shows strong connections between gum disease and serious health issues like diabetes, heart disease and premature birth. Better oral health means better overall health, with fewer missed work and school days. That's why all Blue Dental plans come with Blue Dental Connection, our free dental wellness program that focuses on more than just teeth.

Through Blue Dental Connection, all of our members have 24/7 access to our Dental Wellness Centerâ„¢. It has easy-to-use online tools that let them find a dentist, estimate dental costs by ZIP code, ask a dentist questions and more. They can also access a wealth of current wellness information in both English and Spanish.

Targeted outreach for at-risk members

We use your group's medical and dental claims data to identify at-risk members: people who have medical conditions that can be complicated by dental problems. We then reach out to these members to help them understand the connection between oral and overall health. We encourage them to use their preventive Blue Dental benefits.

Preventive outreach for other members

Although our Blue Dental Connection program targets at-risk members, it also features a healthy dose of prevention. Our outreach efforts include mailings to:

  • Members with children who are at risk for cavities because they've had fillings in the past 12 months or haven't had sealants
  • Members with young children who have no history of having seen a dentist
  • Members who haven't been to the dentist in the past 12 months
  • Members with a history of periodontal disease