We are at Munson Family Practice in Traverse City, Michigan.

We’re a huge practice. We have over 10,000 patients that we see here and there’s over 50 staff in our building. We’re very proud to be a patient centered medical home. It keeps the patient at the center of everything we do here.

It really emphasizes a lot of things that good physicians do naturally. It’s about following up on what’s happening with patients, how they understand your treatment, having good transitions from the hospital back to the practice, taking care of people at all stages of their life, but with a little bit more contact so that things don’t get missed.

One of the patients that I work closely with here in the clinic is Roquel. Roquel is a woman in her mid-70’s with type 2 diabetes and we’re working with her to try to get her diabetes under control.

I did identify that when she would tell Dr. Klee, “I don’t want to be on insulin,” it was in reality that she was afraid of the needle.

Oh yeah, I don’t like needles at all. They taught me how to use the pens and the needles and now I’m on insulin and I’m doing better now.

We visit the farmer’s market together and we talk about certain healthy recipes now.

It’s nice to be able to talk to somebody and know you know them and they know you. Yeah it is, it’s very nice.

To see her success, to see that I’ve made a positive change and helped her with that, that’s why I come to work every day. That’s why I love my job is knowing that I can make a positive impact and with the help of the staff here we all can – and you go home at the end of the day knowing that you’ve changed someone’s life for the better.