How to use electronic enrollment

Who is this for?

Learn more about how to use electronic enrollment to ensure your employees' information is kept private.

If you’re an employer or a third party administrator responsible for managing electronic health care enrollment, this will help you find more information about setting up and testing your enrollment files.

Any time you need to add, update or remove employees from your employer-sponsored plan electronically, you’ll need to follow certain rules. That’s what the ANSI ASC X12 834 is for. 

Getting started

If you need help submitting an electronic enrollment file please contact your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan or Blue Care Network group representative.

Electronic enrollment guidelines

The ANSI ASC X12 834 Health Care Benefits Enrollment and Maintenance Technical Report Type 3  explains the rules and requirements for creating electronic enrollment files. You can purchase a copy of The Technical Report Type 3 on the Washington Publishing Company website

Tip: To make sure you purchase the right Technical Report Type 3, look for the HIPAA 5010 (x220 and x220A1) documents.

We have the ANSI ASC X12 5010A1 834 Enrollment Companion Document (PDF) to help you create your electronic enrollment files. You should use this companion document along with the Technical Report Type 3. Our document includes the specific data elements we need in your file so we can process it correctly.

Testing your electronic enrollment files

Before you send information you'll need to test your file to make sure it’s error-free.

Follow the instructions in the Enrollment Testing Overview (PDF) to get your login information and learn how to test.

Visit the Enrollment Testing Login page when you’re ready to start testing.