Predictable health care budget

Limit financial risk by deciding how much to contribute toward each employee's health coverage. There are no surprises. You're in control of your health care spending.

Easier administration

We handle the administration of your employees’ health plans so you can focus on other aspects of your organization. You don’t have to worry about processing open enrollment paperwork, calculating payroll deductions or keeping track of employee enrollment progress. That’s our job.

Enrollment support

We work directly with your employees to help them enroll in a plan online or over the phone. Our licensed benefit advisors are available five days a week to provide one-on-one assistance during and after open enrollment. They'll answer questions and guide employees to the right plan.

Employee awareness

Knowledge is power for you and your employees. A survey found 93 percent of employees with Glidepath coverage have a better understanding of their employers' contribution to their benefits.

Learn more about GlidePath in our employer toolkit (PDF) or on our GlidePath website.