Greater choice

The standard GlidePath menu offers your employees up to 10 plan options, each with different levels of cost sharing. So, whether they use their health care a lot or a little, they’ll have the freedom and flexibility to find a health plan for them. They can also shop for specialty benefits, such as life insurance or personal accident coverage.

More network options

You'll now be able to choose from multiple network options for each plan on the standard menu. In addition to our PPO and broad HMO networks:

  • BCN Local Network West will save your employees about 7 percent over comparable benefit packages offered through standard network BCN HMO products.
  • BCN Local Network Southeast will save your employees about 10 percent over comparable benefit packages offered through standard network BCN HMO products.

When combined with our regular Glidepath PPO and HMO networks, these two new local networks give you greater choices and price options.

Health plan education and support

We help your employees through every step of the process. Our licensed benefit advisors guide your employees through enrollment with personalized recommendations. If your employees prefer self-service, we have online tools to help them select plans.

Our support doesn’t stop there. After they’ve enrolled, our Health AdvocateTM program helps your employees and their families make the most of their health coverage. Our member website keeps them informed about their health care usage.

Better awareness of health care costs

With the private exchange model, your employees can see the total cost of their health insurance. They know exactly how much you’re contributing. And they’ll also know how much they’re spending on health care services.

Learn more about GlidePath in our employer toolkit (PDF) or on our GlidePath website.