How do I register for an online employer account?

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Read about how to use Group Secured Services to manage your account online.

If you manage an employer-sponsored Blue Cross or Blue Care Network plan, register for a secure online employer account to make updates to employee records faster and easier. Already registered? Learn how to manage your account.

Using your secure, private online account is one way to make managing your employer-sponsored insurance easier. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Before you can register

First, what you’ll need to do is decide who’ll be the principal administrator for your online account. That person will have the legal authority to act for the company while managing your employer-sponsored insurance online.

There’s a list of everything that’s expected of a principal administrator in the Secured Services Website Administrator Agreement (PDF).

The principal administrator needs to be confirmed for your company and the information must exactly match what is stored in our systems before registering for Group Secured Services. If you're unsure how your information is stored, please contact Account Services and we'll help:

  • For customers in Southeast and Central Michigan, call 1-877-722-6030
  • For customers in West Michigan, call 1-800-635-6439
  • For customers in the Upper Peninsula, call 1-800-562-7812


Next, the principal administrator should go to Group Customer Registration and follow all the steps. You’ll need your group number, or FACETS number, and the last four digits of your company’s tax ID.

If you have questions or problems at any time, call 1-877-258-3932.


Tip: You'll find user guides, legal agreements and FAQs about using your online account in the Help section of Group Secured Services.