Need to know more about your prescription drug coverage? Have a question about prior authorization or step therapy? We'll help you understand what your plan covers and the best way to use your prescription benefits.

Find out if your drug is covered

Need to know if your medication is on your plan's drug list? Learn about your formulary and covered medications.

Drug lists

How do I know if my plan covers my prescription drug?

What are specialty drugs?

What are biosimilars? 

Get approval for your medications

Some drugs need approval, prior authorization or step therapy before your plan will cover them. Learn what those mean and how to request a review for coverage of a drug that isn't included in your plan.

Why do I need prior authorization for a prescription drug?

How to request a review for your coverage of a prescription drug

What is step therapy?

Find the forms you need

If you need to submit a claim for a prescription drug or you order your medications by mail, find the forms you need here.

Submit a prescription drug claim form

Mail order drug forms

Save money on your prescriptions

Learn what you can do to save money on your share of the costs for drugs.

Important information about generic drugs

How to save money on prescription drugs