Win by Losing Meditation Videos

In these videos, build your sense of self and find inner peace with affirmations and meditations.


5-Minute Beginner Breather's Meditation

Learn how to pay attention to your breath and calm your body in this five minute video. 

Finding Motivation Meditation

Allow the mind to relax to find the motivation to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.

Mindful Eating Meditation

During this meditation slow down and relax while taking note of the color, shape, texture and taste of your food.

Six-Minute Affirmations for Exercise

Watch this meditation to improve your positive thinking and strengthen your sense of self-worth. 

Ocean Breath Meditation

During this meditation, you will practice Ujjayi breathing known as ocean breathing to calm your mind.

Walking in Awareness

Let your focus will be on your feet connecting with the ground and the sensations you feel.

Seven-Minute Positive Affirmations for Well-Being and Weight Loss Meditation

Build your self confidence so you can lose weight and feel great about yourself. 

Tapping Meditation

Tapping meditation involves tapping specific meridian points on the body to restore the balance of energy. 

Setting Goals Meditation

Set short and long-term goals and notice how you feel as you envision yourself achieving it.

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