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Substance use disorders are on the rise

Dear Employee,

With the rise of substance use concerns, it’s important to understand what a substance use disorder is, how to prevent it and how to help if you or a loved one is struggling. Many people don’t understand what leads to a substance use disorder. They may think it has to do with moral principles or willpower, but that isn’t the case.

Substance use disorders are complex diseases. While the initial decision to take drugs is usually voluntary (having a few drinks to relax) or health-related (taking opioids after an injury), repeated use can lead to brain changes that challenge a person’s self-control and ability to resist the urge to take more drugs.

The good news is that substance use disorders are treatable and can be successfully managed. They are also preventable. Effective treatments and prevention strategies can be tailored to meet each person’s needs and in varied settings such as family environments, clinics and communities.

Your health plan includes benefits and resources to support your recovery. If you need help getting started, call the Mental Health number on the back of your member ID card. Or make an appointment with your primary care provider for guidance or referral to a behavioral health specialist.

For more information on substance use disorder, treatment and prevention, visit You can also visit* for a self-paced, mobile-enabled program that provides information about addiction prevention and substance use disorder treatment.

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