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Get the most out of your HSA

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan wants to make sure you have the best experience possible with your Simply Blue℠ HSA PPO plan. Follow these tips to take advantage of all your plan has to offer:

  1. Keep track of your costs. Use the Blue Cross app or to check your out‑of‑pocket maximum balance, view services billed by your health care provider and to research potential out‑of‑pocket costs for medical services and prescriptions.
  2. Maximize your contribution. Contribute as much to your health savings account as the IRS allows each year. Visit* for current contribution limits.
  3. Know what expenses are eligible. You can spend money from your HSA tax‑free on eligible health care expenses, including your prescriptions and copayments. For a list of eligible expenses, visit*
  4. Watch your savings grow. You can invest your HSA funds, once they reach a certain threshold, and earnings from that invested money will accrue tax‑free. If you have a large medical expense, you can move your funds back into your HSA with no tax penalties and without affecting your yearly contribution maximum.
  5. Boost your contributions. If you’re 55 or older, you can make catch‑up contributions above the maximum allowed amount each year until you enroll in Medicare.
  6. Designate a beneficiary. Ensure your HSA dollars are transferred according to your wishes, without tax consequences.

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