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Get your flu shot today. There’s no cost to you.

The flu shot has proven to be one of the most effective measures against the full effects of the flu. Make sure it’s on your yearly to-do list. It takes five minutes or less and could save you five days or more of being sick with the flu.* The shot takes about two weeks to become effective, so act now.

Don’t miss important events, such as family gatherings, vacations or exciting weekend plans, because you’re sick in bed or at the doctor’s office.

Getting a flu shot is convenient:

  • Use your member ID card at a participating pharmacy. Most are located at stores you frequent on a weekly basis.
  • At your next scheduled appointment with your primary care provider, ask for the flu shot.**

Getting a flu shot is smart, easy and quick. So why wait? Check it off your to‑do list today.

*Source: Harvard Health Publishing

**Out-of-pocket costs may apply to other services during the appointment.

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