How can I check the status of a timesheet, work order or expense report?

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Find out how to check the status of a time sheet, work order or expense report.

If you want to view the status of a payment or invoice for a timesheet, work order or expense report, this information can tell you how.

  1. From the sPro home page, go to Main Menu, Services Procurement, then Supplier Self-Service Report. Choose which type of report you'd like: Timesheet, Expensesheet or Workorder.
  2. The next page you'll see is either the Timesheet, Expensesheet or Workorder Report page. Choose the Find an Existing Value tab if you've run the report before. Choose the Add a New Value tab if this is the first time.
    • On the Add a New value tab, fill in the Run Control ID with the name of the report you want to run: Timesheet_Report, Expensesheet_Report or Workorder_Report. Don't use any spaces or special characters. Then choose Add.
    • On the Find an Existing Value tab, fill in the box for Run Control ID with the report you want to run again. Select Search.
  3. Fill in the Period End Date From and the Period End Date To with the dates you want. Choose Run.
  4. On the Process Scheduler Request page, select OK to confirm.
  5. Choose Report Manager on the top right then go to the Administration tab.
  6. On the top right, choose Refresh until the Status reads Posted. Select the Details hyperlink under the Details column.
  7. From your Report Detail, under File List, you should see your report with a .xls extension. Choose this link to open an Excel file with your data.
To see step-by-step screen shots, have a look at the Supplier Self Service Report Process (PDF).

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