Glossary (L)

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The termination of a policy for failure to pay the premium within the time required.

length of stay

The number of days a patient is in the hospital.

lifetime maximum

A specified dollar amount or a set number of services that the health plan will provide for each member on the contract.

lifetime reserve days

A Medicare term specifying the number of days of inpatient hospital care available over an individual’s lifetime that may be used after the maximum 90 days allowed in a single benefit period have been exhausted.

limiting charge

Under Medicare, the maximum amount a nonparticipating physician is allowed to charge, currently limited to 115 percent of the Medicare-approved amount.

living will
A document, not authorized by Michigan law, that identifies which medical treatments a terminally ill member would want. See also advance directive.

long-term care

Continuing maintenance and health services — inpatient, outpatient or at home — to the chronically ill, disabled or developmentally disabled.