Glossary (G)

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gender rule

Infrequently used rule requiring that the father’s insurance carrier be the primary insurer when a dependent child has two parents with health care coverage and the birthday rule is not in effect.

generic drug

A medication that has the same active ingredients, is available in the same strength and dosage form, and is administered in the same way as its equivalent brand-name drug. Generics are usually less costly than brand-name equivalents.

general provisions

General conditions that apply to a member’s health care plan.

GI letter

A general information letter to providers or members asking for missing or additional information.


An employer or other entity that has entered into a contract to provide health care for its eligible members.

group conversion

Process by which members who are no longer enrolled through a group may obtain individual coverage, paying premiums directly to the plan. See also conversion.

group number

The unique number assigned to a group health plan to identify members of the plan.