Glossary (F)

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family continuation rider

A rider that provides continuation of coverage for dependents if they meet age and support guidelines.

family deductible

A deductible that is satisfied by the combined expenses of all family members.

FDA (Food And Drug Administration)

The Food and Drug Administration is authorized by Congress to enforce the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and several other public health laws.

Federal Employee Program

A nationwide Blue Cross and Blue Shield program for employees of the federal government that provides both basic and supplemental coverage.


A method of paying the provider a specific amount for each procedure performed after the service is rendered.

fee schedule

A list of medical procedures and associated maximum payments.

first-dollar coverage

Describes benefits that are not subject to a deductible or copayments.

flexible funding

See alternative funding arrangement.

focused concurrent review

A Blue Preferred program for managing the care of patients with certain diagnoses who need extensive lengths of stay in a facility.


A regularly updated list of FDA-approved medications the plan may cover based on the member's prescription benefit, subject to applicable limits and conditions.

freestanding facility

Entity that is not affiliated with a participating hospital.