Professional providers submit claims using the HCFA form or as 837 professional electronic transactions. They include:

  • Individual practitioners
  • Professional groups of practitioners
  • Allied providers that provide health care services for medical, dental, vision, hearing, behavioral health and other specialties

You need to be enrolled with us first to use Provider Secured Services, even if you don't participate with Blue Cross.

Our enrollment forms have a section on them for signing up for Provider Secured Services, where you can also list staff members who need access and what they can access. Not enrolled? Get started here.

Not all the resources available in Provider Secured Services are listed on the enrollment form.

You should fill out the Professional Secured Access Application if you:

  • Already use Provider Secured Services and need to add access for a staff member
  • Skipped the Provider Secured Services section on the enrollment form
  • Want access to Health e-Blue, BCN e-referral and medical drug prior authorization

Professional Secured Access Application (PDF)

If your group or office has never used Provider Secured Services, you'll also need to fill out the Use and Protection Agreement (PDF).