How do I get access to Provider Secured Services?

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Find out how to get access to Provider Secured Services.

If you want access to our online resources for providers, this gives you the forms and helpful info you need.

Provider Secured Services is a secure site on that gives you patient information and the resources you need to do business with us. Depending on the kind of provider or facility you are, you can:

  • Get patient eligibility, benefits and claims status using web-DENIS
  • Sign up for EFT for direct deposit of claims payments, and view online vouchers
  • Get medical drug prior authorization if you're a doctor practicing in an office or hospital
  • Use Health e-Blue℠ to generate reports about patient health; primary care physicians can also use it to fill out Healthy Blue Living℠ HMO qualification forms

Look for your provider type below to get started. We ask that you fax your forms to us; you'll find the fax number on the application. We'll email the information you need to log in.

Michigan providers and facilities: How to get access

Providers and facilities outside Michigan: How to get access

If you're outside Michigan, your access to Provider Secured Services depends on:

  • If you only get payment from us for Medicare crossover claims
  • The kind of provider you are

Learn more and get the instructions and forms you need below.

Contact Provider Secured Services

Call 1-877-258-3932, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Do you have IDs that aren't being used?

When you request access for an administrative staff member, that ID belongs to your office or facility. If that employee leaves, you have two options. You can deactivate the ID, or you can reassign an existing ID.

Reassigning an ID is faster than requesting a new one. If you're not sure, the next time a new employee needs access call 1-877-258-3932.

If you have an ID that can be reassigned, fill out the Provider Secured Services ID Reassignment form (PDF). We'll contact the new user within 7-10 business days.