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Physician Group Incentive Program


Since its inception in 2005, BCBSM's Physician Group Incentive Program has supported and facilitated practice transformation using a wide variety of initiatives to reward physician organizations for improved performance in health care delivery. As of February 2012, PGIP includes 40 POs from across the state of Michigan, representing nearly 15,500 primary care and specialty physicians who are members of the BCBSM TRUST PPO and/or Traditional Networks. These physicians provide care to nearly two million BCBSM members.

PGIP encourages all payer collaboration, catalyzing all payer system development, rather than payer-specific system development. Through PGIP, BCBSM is helping to improve the quality of care for all Michigan residents. Patients throughout the state, regardless of payer, benefit from the improved care processes developed through the PGIP provider community. Developing systems of care which are used for all patients helps assure that providers don't have to alter care processes based on whether patients have insurance, or which insurance they have. This is an important factor in ensuring that the best practices and care processes are reliably provided to all patients, all of the time. This all-payer approach to practice transformation is good for patients with coverage from BCBSM and BCN and helps further BCBSM's social mission of cultivating a healthier future for all Michigan residents.

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