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Hospital Collaborative Quality Initiatives

Hospital Collaborative Quality Initiatives are programs that address some of the most common and costly areas of surgical and medical care. Multiple facilities collect and share data to improve the delivery and quality of care. CQIs permit a more robust analysis of the link between processes and outcomes of care than can be achieved by examining one group or institution.

The goal of CQIs is to empower providers to self-assess and optimize their care by identifying opportunities to bring care into closer alignment with best practices which lead to improved quality and lower costs for specific high cost, high frequency and highly complex procedures.

CQIs are developed, and administered, by Michigan physician and hospital partners, with funding and support from BCBSM and its HMO, Blue Care Network. CQIs support continuous quality improvement and development of best practices for areas of care that are highly technical, rapidly evolving and associated with scientific uncertainty.

Currenly, there are 12 hospital CQIs, which are listed below. Click on each CQI name to view its corresponding fact sheet.

For more information, please go to valuepartnerships.com

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