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Healthy Blue HMO HRASM

What is a Healthy Blue HMO HRA?

A Healthy Blue HMO HRA combines your Blue Care Network plan with a health reimbursement arrangement that sets aside funds for out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles and coinsurances. This plan provides you flexibility and tax savings while maintaining the Blues' trusted level of quality health care.

How does Healthy Blue HMO HRA work?

The HMO is paired with a Healthy Blue Choices HRA. The money in your HRA account is tax-exempt for you (and tax-deductible for your employer) and lowers your out-of-pocket costs for health care expenses. Please check with your employer to find out if Healthy Blue HMO HRA is available to you.

Your company establishes the dollar amount and limits for the HRA, what it will pay for and in what order. Choices are:

  • HRA pays first: HRA account funds are used first to pay medical deductibles and/or coinsurance. After HRA funds are exhausted, you pay the remaining medical deductible and/or coinsurance amounts.
  • Employee pays first: You pay the HRA deductible amount for the medical deductible and/or coinsurance before HRA funds are used.
  • HRA-Employee Split: Payment of deductible and/or coinsurance is split based on percentages established by your employer, until HRA account funds are exhausted.
  • Employee pays first, then split: You pay the HRA deductible amount for medical deductible and/or coinsurance, then payment of medical deductible and/or coinsurance is split based on percentages until the HRA funds are exhausted.

If you become unemployed, you retain access to your HRA and health plan linked to it if you purchase COBRA continuation. As long as COBRA premiums are paid, you are entitled to your HRA balances.