Find the right pharmacy coverage with our Michigan Medicare Part D plans.

2016 Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Not all Medicare plans have coverage for prescription drugs. Original Medicare only covers a very limited number of medications. Medigap plans you can buy today don't include Part D drug coverage. Some Medicare Advantage plans provided by employers don't cover Part D drugs either.

In these situations, Prescription BlueSM PDP plans give you Part D coverage that protects you against the high cost of medications. They have low copays for many drugs and discounts that help you through the coverage gap. You'll have the freedom to go to 98 percent* of the pharmacies in Michigan. You can fill your prescription at many pharmacies around the U.S., too.

* Source: National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) database compared to active BCBSM/BCN participating pharmacies.

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Part D Plans

You purchase these plans separately. They only provide prescription drug coverage. They're for people who don't have drug coverage through other Medicare plans or sources.

Plans that have it all

All but one of our Medicare Advantage plans include Part D prescription drug coverage. That means you'll only need one ID card instead of two or three for medical and pharmacy services.

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