2016 Part D Prescription Drug Plans

If you need coverage for prescription drugs in 2016, these plans may be right for you. You can stay covered with one of these options until the end of the year.

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Keep your prescriptions covered in 2017 by shopping our plans now. Open enrollment begins Nov. 15.

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Prescription BlueSM PDP Option A

This is our lowest priced Medicare Part D plan. You'll pay a little more at the pharmacy than Option B until you reach the coverage gap.
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Prescription BlueSM PDP Option B

This plan has a higher monthly payment, but in most cases you'll save more when you visit the pharmacy.
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Part D Plans

You purchase these plans separately. They only provide prescription drug coverage. They're for people who don't have drug coverage through other Medicare plans or sources.

Plans that have it all

All but one of our Medicare Advantage plans include Part D prescription drug coverage. That means you'll only need one ID card instead of two or three for medical and pharmacy services.