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Supplemental Dental, Vision and Hearing

An optional plan from BCN AdvantageSM

Worried about how you'll pay for expensive dental work with Medicare? Wondering whether hearing aids are covered by your plan?

Original Medicare doesn't cover preventive dental, vision or hearing. That means you pay out of pocket when you see the dentist or eye doctor, or when you get a routine hearing test. Your expenses can really add up.

If you have one of the following BCN Advantage plans, you have the option to pay a little extra each month for a dental, vision and hearing plan that covers some of the costs.

  • BCN Advantage HMO ConnectedCare
  • HMO-POS Basic
  • HMO-POS Classic
  • HMO HealthySaver
  • HMO MyChoice Wellness
  • HMO-POS Elements
  • HMO-POS Prestige

What it covers
  • Fillings, root canals, simple tooth extractions, crowns and crown repairs with 50 percent coinsurance
  • Dental fluoride treatments and brush biopsies with no copay
  • Up to $1,000 per year for dental care
  • Up to $200 for glasses or contacts every two years
  • One routine hearing exam per year with 50 percent coinsurance
  • Hearing aid fitting every three years with 50 percent coinsurance
  • Up to $250 per ear for hearing aids every three years with 50 percent coinsurance

How do I use my benefits?

In this plan, you'll have to see a provider in the network to get coverage. Before enrolling, make sure there's a provider in your area.

Find a dentist
It's easy to search online at

Find eye care
You can find VSP Choice eye care professionals by searching

Find an audiologist
Find a doctor or hearing specialist in your plan's network.

How do I enroll in this plan?

You can enroll in this plan online when you enroll in your BCN Advantage HMO-POS or HMO plan. You'll see a box you can check to add the Supplemental Dental, Vision and Hearing plan for an additional $19.90 a month.

Or you can download a paper application from our Forms page, fill it out and send it in.

+ Pay an extra $19.90 a month and we'll help you pay for:

Fillings, root canals,
crowns and more

Glasses or contacts
every two years

Hearing aids and
routine exams


Save more on hearing aids

All members can save up to 60 percent on hearing aids with Healthy Blue Xtras.

To get the most savings, choose a hearing provider in your plan's network who participates in our discount program.